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At Siam Taste, our primary goal is to get fresh and tasty Thai food out to you as fast as we can. However, we do not sacrifice flavor and quality for quickness. Rather, we offer the best food we can make with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.   Fast. Fresh. Tasty.


Siam Taste was born from the vision of a restaurant that would offer Thai food such that it would make you think you were dining in Thailand itself.  Owned and operated by a Thai family, we strive to deliver on that one vision. Never been to Thailand and had a chance to try Thai food? Come on in and you'll have the chance. Been there, done that? Try our food and tell us how well we're living up to our vision!



We're open daily.


Mon-Fri. 12pm - 2pm

Sat-Sun. 12pm - 3pm


Mon-Thu. 5pm - 8:30pm

Fri-Sun. 5pm - 9pm  

Fast. Fresh. Tasty.

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